Remodeling Services

Remodeling your home is a very personal experience. It is a little different than new construction because you probably have lived there for a little while and have a few things that you really want to change that just bother you.

Usually people who have lived in their house for a while know what they want to do. If this is you, we will work with you to extrapolate what you dislike and change it into something that you have always dreamed of. If you just bought your home, we can help you or your designer come up with ideas for changes.

Another thing that separates remodeling from new construction is that you might me living there during the remodel, or you might have neighbors living right next door or below you. Southwest Creations understands this and does the best we can to control the mess and noise. We will schedule our deliveries so that you don’t have piles of stuff in a very inconvenient space.

We will not work crazy hours or make all sorts of unnecessary noise. We will make plastic walls if necessary to control the dust. We also understand the fear of having strangers in your house. We only hire reputable people and subs to eliminate this. Most of our work is done in house to eliminate as many different strangers coming into your house as possible.